What Trusted Advisor Alumni Have to Say.

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“Rich Habets is one of the most impactful teachers in the coaching world today. Your own business and career will benefit immediately and permanently from his transformational Trusted Advisor program.” 

Steve Chandler

“Who do you need to BE to BE a Trusted Advisor? That was the start and the foundation of BATA. How powerful is that question to set the tone for one of the most powerful programs I have joined. This question is essential and missed by many, yet it creates the possibility of being the most powerful and trustworthy advisor in the corporate world. And this question is the tip of the iceberg. Not only we got to learn with other remarkable leaders who helped us to be accountable, but also we got to create practical ways to progress and thrive as a trusted corporate advisor. I highly recommend it to anyone to enrol. The value is beyond measure.” 

Francis Piche

“Rich is magic. He removes roadblocks so you can accelerate your game and puts high octane in the gas tank. By the end of your five sessions, you’ve upgraded from a Subaru to a Porsche. For instance, Rich gave me the shortcuts I needed to FINALLY create my “calling card”: an ebook on innovation that’s now available in print and online. Plus, I wrote my first proposal, and it was easy! We’re now in negotiations for my first trusted advisor role. Don’t hesitate—sign up. The value you gain is vastly more significant than the money you invest.” 

Layne Gneiting

"The Being a trusted advisor program is more than a program on what to do. It is a program that calls one to become and live into the possibility of being a leader"

Moritz Lembert

“I wouldn’t call it a program for coaches, nor a program on doing trusted advisor stuff. To me, this goes beyond a definition and into creating a way of being in which we are serving with all we can offer. I have found it to be fun and engaging, and it has opened my eyes to what else can be possible when I create myself as a trusted advisor.” 

“I joined the program in September 2022, which was a complete no-brainer. Knowing a bit of Rich’s background and track record of success, I saw his leadership as a path for me to expand my coaching practice into corporate spaces. What transformed me the most as a result of the program was an elevated level of professional self-esteem. There is much to consider as BEING a trusted advisor rather than the actual doing and tactics. 

Rich shared many valuable tools and ideas to make effective proposals and direct an enrollment conversation. I loved Rich and the other advisors’ playful, relaxed intensity to each call. Rich demonstrated his process from start to finish, and it was refreshing to have it modelled so that it isn’t merely a concept. I can’t recommend this program enough to anyone serious about making a huge impact and earning a considerable income. The support from Rich and the other advisors in the program was top-notch, and I know that I’m on track for the results I’m committed to making. Thanks for creating this experience, Rich.” 

Alex Dumas

“Sometimes a programme comes along that is a brainer – and this is that. I don’t usually promote stuff here, but Rich Habets’s Being a Trusted Adviser has given me incredible value (the cost is tiny based on the value it offers). I would say this is for anyone who works independently as a coach or consultant of any kind and wants to increase their success rate and level of impact in their corporate work. And Rich himself – candid, direct in that no-nonsense Dutch way and a lot of fun to be around.” 

Laurence Knott

“For me, the BATA program was a great foundation on which to become the Trusted Advisor I wanted to become for the leaders and organisations I work with. It’s a practical, no-fluff, action-orientated program with a robust community. It was not overwhelming, with the right mix of content, transformative conversations and guidance. Rich brings a great blend of being heart centred and compassionate together with being no BS, professional and assertive – precisely what is required of a Trusted Advisor and a powerful mentor. He brings his wealth of experience into this program and holds nothing back. I highly recommend this to all those who want to play a bigger game as an advisor to powerful impact-driven leaders.” 

Jaineel Mistry

"The BATA program is full of insight and practical tips to fast-track your journey into corporate coaching like none other."

Allison Hutchinson

“This isn’t a magic formula, as there is responsibility and heavy lifting to be done. But the tried and tested blueprint is there to behold. However, if you give yourself, at the end of the program, it’s who you’ve become that is the real gold—a Trusted Advisor.”