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Mentoring with Rich Habets

For the past 25 years, Rich has worked with thousands of already successful people, leaders, founders and entrepreneurs. His clients have achieved new levels of motivation, confidence, peace and satisfaction in areas of life most important to them. And from that place they have created business, relationships and things that are most important to them.

High Performance Consulting.

For over 25 years, Rich has provided mentoring, training, and guidance for achievement-oriented clients worldwide. Rich support people and organisations to discover permanent solutions to long-term challenges.  With a focus on sustainable high performance, his goal is support you to transform your mindset, your actions and your results.

The mentoring Rich does is rooted in an achievement of an effortless state of being. This is something that has slipped away from many high functioning and successful entrepreneurs and business people. The culture of achievement has all but stamped out this most critical of human experiences. Introducing more being into your life will prove to be one of the greatest investments you will ever make. 

Rich also specialize in helping his clients create new avenues of communication and authenticity as well as creating new velocity in their projects. Using proven processes, methods, and best practices from mentoring, leadership training and executive coaching, his clients get high levels of satisfaction, enthusiasm, focus, and effectiveness. 

Rich is a mentor for individuals who live a life of success, but they still ask themselves that nagging question, “Now what?”

The challenges you face in your day-to-day life – be it people, productivity, communication, envisioning what’s next – they usually come down to a handful of core factors in your life.
Through a proven transformational approach with a focus on sustainable high performance, I will mentor you in executing a fundamental shift in your mindset, leading to higher quality actions, and achieving extraordinary results. 

When you show up and fully commit, you will experience a re-injection of satisfaction, fun, joy and empowerment in your life. You’ll invite in an entirely new and consistent wellspring of freedom and wisdom to draw from. 

There is a gap between where you are and who you truly know you can be.  

When you acquire the knowledge and skills to close that gap, you encounter your highest and best self along the way.  Rich has the unique ability to clearly see the opportunity of a person’s life and also the many roadblocks in the way.

Rich guides people through the practices of interrupting the negative cycles that keep them in the same patterns, getting the same results.  By shifting from action and getting results in spite of yourself, to working in concert with yourself, you move into the elusive and mysterious last 10% of life that most people will never know.  

That last 10% is where the real fun, satisfaction and power is in life.  

You have sensed it, and Rich will show you how to get consistent access to it.  And it is available to you right now.  Rich has been guiding people like you to best practices, extraordinary results and the freedom/enthusiasm that goes with that experience for 25 years.  

Rich takes a laser-like focus on the areas you identify that are not performing to your level of satisfaction – and through a rigorous process of analysis, self-examination, and action plans, you are able to break the invisible barriers that have kept you from achieving all the success you want and deserve. 

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