Trusted Advisor
Business Series

Become Successful as a Trusted Advisor, Make you Business Your Blessing and Create a Life Filled with Life.

I invite you to join a community of leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who stand for businesses that work for everybody, not just for a few.

The world of work is such a big part of our lives. Work can be fulfilling and give our lives a deep sense of meaning, contribution and fulfilment.

Work can be filled with rejection, us versus them, irritation, ego, cynicism, sarcasm, burnout, and trying to “make it.”

I’ve been there.

I have probably made more mistakes than anyone can count. I was fired, I’ve felt alone, I’ve been screamed at, I’ve judged, gossiped and engaged in gossip and sarcasm. I’ve also experienced a deep sense of satisfaction, joy, meaning, and purpose at work.

“Being a Trusted Advisor” is my contribution to it. Over 25 years, I’ve seen and experienced what makes a difference, and I’ve worked with thousands of people on four continents. I’ve created programs that have shifted the future of Fortune 100 companies from reactive to creative—from Victimhood to Ownership. And I share how in this program.

"Rich Habets is one of the most impactful teachers in the coaching world today. Your own business and career will benefit immediately and permanently from his transformational Trusted Advisor program.”

- Steve Chandler
Author of "The Prosperous Coach"

More then 120 coaches, consultants, leaders and change agents went before you.

During the programme, I defined how I wanted to show up in my business and challenged myself to live into this in a very real way.

This has resulted in my being braver in conversations with clients, developing a niche Executive retreat offering and case studies, which are super useful in demonstrating the impact of my work to clients.

Rich is a great storyteller and teacher. His programme is full of deep searching questions and pragmatic advice that is helpful to anyone who wants to deepen their impact as a trusted advisor.

Caroline Hughes
Caroline Hughes

This program is a great foundation on which to become the Trusted Advisor I want to become for the leaders and organisations I work with.

It’s a practical, no-fluff, action-orientated program with a powerful community and the right mix of content, transformative conversations and guidance.

Rich brings a great blend of being heart-centred and compassionate together with being no BS, professional and assertive – exactly what is required of a Trusted Advisor and a powerful mentor.

He brings his wealth of experience into this program and holds nothing back.

Jaineel Mistry

Who do you need to BE to BE a Trusted Advisor? That was the start and the foundation of BATA. How powerful is that question to set the tone for one of the most powerful programs I have joined. This question is essential and missed by many, yet it creates the possibility of being the most powerful and trustworthy advisor in the corporate world. And this question is the tip of the iceberg. Not only did we get to learn with other remarkable leaders who helped us to be accountable, but we also got to create practical ways to progress and thrive as trusted corporate advisors. I highly recommend it to anyone to enrol. The value is beyond measure.

Francis Piche

Rich is magic. He removes roadblocks so you can accelerate your game and puts high octane in the gas tank. By the end of your five sessions, you’ve upgraded from a Subaru to a Porsche. For instance, Rich gave me the shortcuts I needed to FINALLY create my “calling card”: an ebook on innovation that’s now available in print and online. Plus, I wrote my first proposal, and it was easy! We’re now in negotiations for my first trusted advisor role. Don’t hesitate—sign up. The value you gain is vastly more significant than the money you invest.

Layne Gneiting
Layne Gneiting

Hey! My name is Rich.

And I help people and organisations solve intractable problems an reclaim what’s theirs: their freedom.

But first… 

Hey! I’m Rich, a Netherlands-based consultant, credentialed coach, strategist, and organizational specialist. I have been in the transformational space since 1999 and I have worked with over 6000 people, in 20+ countries and in many organisations. But enough about me.

What are intractable problems you ask?

Every person or organization deals with things they’d rather see go differently. On a personal level, a person might lead a busy life, have a great career and family life, but they feel stressed, out of balance, and rushed all the time. Over time, they have seen everybody around them follow the same pattern, so they think it comes with the territory. They give up having it all because they think it isn’t possible. This is now officially an intractable problem.

On an organizational level, the problems can look a bit different. An organization might have given up having a thriving working culture because they think being busy means that people have to be under stress. Or they have given up certain sales targets because (they think) the markets aren’t good this time of the year, so they just wait. Or they see the need to change their business model, but they don’t know how to do that because they only know what they did in the past.

All these problems are intractable problems; problems that are given up on, but the people or organizations don’t like it.

The cost for this is enourmous: it’s costing them their freedom, peace of mind and power.

I specialize in helping individuals and organizations overcome these intractable problems. I use a unique approach that combines my expertise in coaching, strategy, and organizational development to find sustainable solutions that allow my clients to thrive.

My methods are borne out of over 25 years of both spiritual & scientific specialized trainings, ongoing research, collaborations with leading mentors and thought-leaders, success stories from supporting thousands of people, and invaluable insights from my personal and professional journeys.

Here's what you will learn and make your own in this program.

Session 1
Getting Crystal Clear Clarity.

All progress starts by telling the truth. If you want a high sense of self-worth and resilience to deal with clients and possible rejection powerfully, you must first tell the truth about where you are now. Without this first step, all the rest will not be powerful.

Session 2

Creating your 10x game.

Through a simple creative process, you'll create your very own Trusted Advisor Game and get crystal clear about what's important and what's not. After this, you will have a strong sense of purpose and direction which will guide you throughout the program.

Session 3
What is value in the world of your client?

Every sale happens in the world of your client. But how do you know what your client perceives as value? That's what enrollment is about. I will show and teach you my process on how to enroll your clients into what's possible for them through working with you.

Session 4
How to create perfectly clear proposals.

Many get nervous or anxious when they have to make a proposal. But what if the proces is so simple that it becomes easy? My proposals get accepted 9 out of 10 times with little pushback. I'll teach you the exact process I follow to write perfect proposals.

Session 5
Stop charging for your time and start charging for your value.

We should all stop charging for our time and start charging for our value. You will no longer sell your time but you will only do work based on the value that you deliver.

Session 6
How to be a Trusted Advisor in the eyes of your client

Tying it all together. I will show you my 5 step coaching process, how to keep yourself in the game when you don't feel like it and who you need to be to be a Trusted Advisor.

Who is this for?

  • This is a nuts-and-bolts kind of course. It’s practical and about action.
  • Being a Trusted Advisor is extremely rewarding and satisfying if you are willing to implement the lessons and insights.
  • You will be part of a group of like-minded coaches and consultants, allowing you to expand your network and your knowledge.
  • There’s a great need for Trusted Advisors. So, if this is for you, why wait?

And who not...

  • You want to “check this out” and not take action. If that’s your approach, this won’t work for you, nor for the other participants who are here to get results.
  • You don’t see an immediate 10x opportunity to earn your investment back.
  • I like to keep things as simple and pragmatic as possible. I believe that communicating in a straight way is very effective. I also don’t take myself, or anything, very seriously. If you don’t like that style, I am probably not your best coach.