Hey, I'm Rich Habets.

And I’m just a human obsessed with humans.

Hey, I’m Rich.

It’s my magnificent obsession to help coaches, consultants, and business leaders succeed by applying unconventional strategies to achieve extraordinary results.

I’m the guy they come to when the team is stuck, the leader needs some help, and the company needs a boost.

Change agents seek my assistance in building and expanding their coaching or consulting business.

No fancy tactics, pushy marketing or inauthentic make-believe in this household.

I help my clients get the unconscious self-sabotage out of the way, teach the best tools, and get the results they are after so that they can work half of the time and double their results.

As a consultant turned coach turned creator, I’ve developed effective coaching and teaching systems with time, skin in the game, and experience with 6000+ students and clients.

The Being a Trusted Advisor program includes all the best practices, mindsets and systems I would help you implement as a coach, consultant, or expert, but without the 1-1 aspect. It’s online and available three times per year.

You Next is my 2.5-day live “re-invent yourself” event. The next one is in Brussels in February 2024.

The Inner Circle Mastermind is the best place for personalized coaching in a small group setting. The next one starts on December 1.

Private coaching is where you’ll get to work privately with me.

I am not currently accepting new Private clients.

If you feel your case is unique, feel free to reach out, and we can discuss it.