Let the Beauty We Love Be What We Do.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve accumulated a treasure trove of wisdom from making mistakes and discovering what does and doesn’t work in life and business. I’m combining all that into practical and innovative solutions that frees professionals from their unconscious self-sabotage so that they can lead a life filled with optimism and enthusiasm for work and life.

1998 – Graduated with a BSC in Computer Science

1998 – 2006 – Consulting & Project Management @ EY and Cap Gemini

Clients include: Reed Elsevier, Grupo Prisa, Sony, ABN AMRO, Getronics APG, Sabic, DSM

2006 – 2011 – Interim Management

Clients include: ING Investment Management, Radboud Medical Center, Boston Scientific, Vodafone, Vogelzang professional, VieCuri, 

2011 – 2024 – Leadership & Cultural Development

Clients include:  Medtronic, KPMG, Abbott, KNAPP, Basic Pharma, Crystal Therapeutics.

I don’t use fancy tactics, pushy marketing or inauthentic make-believe systems. I offer what works, what has always worked and what will always work, practical wisdom and coaching that my clients can immediately apply in their own lives. I’m not interested in theoretical frameworks because that only slows us down.

Once you open yourself up to being coached, you begin to receive the same advantages enjoyed by great actors and athletes everywhere. When you open yourself up to coaching, you don’t become weaker—-you grow stronger. You become more responsible for changing yourself.