Building Your Business From Ownership

A Masterclass with Steve Chandler and Rich Habets

Are You Ready to Build Your Business From Ownership?

When: January 18
Time: 19:00 – 20:30 CET
Where: Zoom
Fee: €25

I believe people who build impactful businesses are transforming the world.

However, many have ended up with a business that owns them instead of vice versa. A business that is robbing them of the one reason they became an entrepreneur: their freedom.

I see so many of these people; they’ve created a business and they want to burn it all down. It’s no longer the business they wanted to build.

In “Building a Business from Ownership”, Steve Chandler and I will present a fresh and innovative perspective on how to (re)build a business that is your blessing.

A business that makes a meaningful impact attracts clients and makes a healthy profit. And most importantly, a business that is built on your terms.

In this 90-minute masterclass, Steve Chandler and I will guide you through unconventional strategies, counterintuitive mindsets and time-tested strategies that will inspire you to (re)build your business as your blessing.

And, since Steve and I love practicality, there will be plenty of space for questions.

See you at the “Building Your Business from Ownership”