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“Working with Rich has been the most precious gift I have ever received in my 25 years as a professional. My “automatic” thoughts are trying to stop me from being the best version of myself on each occasion. Not others, not the “environment” or circumstances, bad luck, destiny, not even my DNA… it is me that’s “in control”! Rich cares. He helped me become more resilient, and I can meet daily challenges and demands at work and home. The best part of working with him is that he’s never rushed; Rich always provides the time and space for me.”
Jose Javier Soria
Madrid, Spain
“Working with you helped me have a deeper connection with myself; you gave me different points of view and insights that made me realize how strong I can be and how much I can change things myself. I consider myself a person with a pretty strong personality, but sometimes I happen to blame other people. After our sessions, I started avoiding this kind of bad behaviour and realized everything was in my hands. This new view gives me much power: I can reach whatever I want, only working on myself. This awareness also helps me to handle the consequences of my actions more efficiently and stop struggling with “battles” that do not depend on me. And this is such a significant relief! My heart is lighter… That has been a game-changer in my life… something I caressed, but I wasn’t completely aware it was there. I started working in this company two days before the session with you, and my first feeling was, “This company is pure magic”. I cannot think of a better way to start working with new colleagues. I really enjoy the connections you can create with people and your gift to open the mind of all the people in the room. The best part of working with you is that it’s funny, inspiring, deep, thoughtful, and makes you think… in a few words, you want more! What I continuously think about now is: What’s next? How can I further improve myself? Which are the next steps? What am I missing that I cannot yet see? Big awareness of endless possibilities.”
Valentina Veneri
Mirandola, Italy
“I really like how Rich always helps me see new ways of doing things. Whenever I’m stuck in my business, and I don’t see how we can grow, change or improve, I always bring these issues with me to my coaching session. And I always walk out inspired, free to think and ready to take action. It’s always a game-changer! How you do it, I don’t know, but I love our work together.”
Bram Penderton
Manchester, UK

“It's like having a new, high-performing set of multicolour glasses”

Allesandro Di Mauro
Milan, Italy

“This has been very helpful in multiplying the possibilities I see. It is like having a new, high-performing set of multicolour glasses. Rich is very straightforward and gets to the point quickly and effectively. He is open-minded and able to build empathetic relationships, even though there was no fate to face meetings. It feels like you can be open and share all your doubts with a sense of freedom. Judgement is absolutely absent, and you can feel it. He is always looking at the bright sight of things. He proposes to you a different perspective that opens new opportunities. It is like he has an answer for any question or the right question to ask. And last but not least, he cares! And that’s not so common.”

“Rich gave me the gift of understanding the power of the mind, which helped me grow and excel as a human and a professional. Although I’m intrinsically optimistic, Rich showed me how this could help others become positive and successful. Rich became a confidante.

Rich helped us to build a resilient leadership team that passionately leads the organization through good and bad times as one. His approach brought a level of ownership that thrived innovation and excellence at all levels of the organization. The team became one of the most successful and admired in the company. As a person who goes far beyond what you typically expect, he is genuinely interested in the challenges and opportunities of the organization and the people within. Rich is creating value by applying his advice and mentorship to real-life business situations. Sometimes he is unconventional and confronting but never offensive and always constructive. Rich tries to understand the story behind the story. He provides that other perspective that makes you stand out positively. His style, involvement and passion make Rich a pleasure to be with.”

Sikko Zoer
Heerlen, the Netherlands

“I re-invented myself, and I still do every day. I would not be doing the work I’m doing these days without Rich. I would still be the unhappy, frustrated and complaining dad, husband and professional. It has made a huge difference for me to see that I can create myself, and my company, in any way I want. It’s life-changing. Rich is a gamechanger.”

Charles Banner
Los Angelos, USA
“One of the things that impressed me the most was how Rich made me clear of all the things that I did not know and that I had no idea even existed. This is exciting because it implies that there is always something new to learn, and I love learning every day, from the simplest to the most complex. Our work together helped me understand that listening to others is the key to achieving effective communication with those around me. Our sessions have also reinforced that my way of being and how I relate to people is empathetic and of genuine interest in helping and supporting those who need it, and I am proud of it.”
Zaida Rodriguez
Heerlen, The Netherlands

"Without Rich, I would have burnt out years ago."

Carol Mahon
Maastricht, the Netherlands

Without Rich, I would have burnt out years ago. Working with Rich taught me how important it is to slow down before you speed up. Don’t be afraid to slow down – it makes you better and more creative. When things get tough, I ground, put things in perspective, and realise that being “down the ladder” does nobody any favours. Rich is inspiring, direct, clear and devoted to the cause. The Dutch directness was needed to get the message across, and he lives 100% what he believes in. he is devoted to the message and the mission of making people more creative, less stressed and more balanced.

“I got much more into the “Observer mode” of my own thinking.. I can step back now more often and reflect on what is going well and what is not that well. It helped me question situations, things, and feelings and “SEE” things differently. I feel more balanced. I remember we had a call where you described how our brain works, and when we as children are trained to be “careful”, “watch out”, and “be save”, this leads to this behaviour of being scared and, too, closed-minded. I realize now what thinking is actually doing with us in a negative but also can in a positive way. It changed how I do my daily business, lead my teams, run my private life, and how I am with my family. It enriched everything, and I feel more inspired and creative regarding self-development. Daily reflections are my habit now and are strongly included in my routine. The regular exchanges and time to really slow down and reflect made me more curious to grow further and develop my inner mindset even more. I also got feedback from my team that they feel inspired and excited about my sessions with them.”
Cindy Waghubinger
Dusseldorf, Germany
Growth! Everything taken together, I’ve become less avoiding, more straight and more empathic to others. And I thank you for giving me the seed and watering it so the flower could grow. What I got, I wish for many more people.”
Carin Janssen
Maastricht, The Netherlands

“When I first met you, I had just been promoted to a new role in a different organization, and I did not know the team members well. This organizational change positively impacted me, but some team members were not inspired. This situation worried me a lot, so your training on the Owner vs Victim state of mind was at the right time. Our work has enabled the integration of these values, which we all know but lacked in practice due to not being well formulated before, into our business and private lives. It enabled us to speak the same language as a team. I am more mindful of applying your principles to my personal and professional life. Knowing the owner and the victim’s state of mind lets me quickly realize where I am on the ladder, which helps me move up the ladder much more rapidly.

Getting to know you and learning from you is fun. It gives me much wisdom to discover myself. It adds value to my life.”

Mehtap Tazegul​
Istanbul, Turkey​

"I got a new self from working with Rich."

Marco Mazonni
Mirandola, Italy

“The work I did with you has elevated me to another level of self-awareness and will be with me forever. I now recognize that I was automatic in everything I did! After some time with all the workshops we had, I realized that I started to see why & how & what I react to my actions. This provided me with a new window of looking at things.

Handling situations in more control and understanding people for how they act in the way they do. What I got from you is to get to know myself. My self-awareness was always there but never surfaced. With all I gained from you, I am more conscious of myself and my surroundings. The best part of working with you is that in every session with you, I leave with new ideas and enlightenment.”

“Rich is the most objective and clear person I have ever met. His coaching is inspiring because it’s filled with a lifetime of experiences, and his wisdom & acceptance influenced me a lot. It helped me to confront myself. Working with Rich is a different experience than the business-as-usual approach, and I learned it is never too late to adapt or change.”
Merve Yetimaslan
Istanbul, Turkeye
“We started on our journey with Rich 6 years ago and have been captivated ever since. I always appreciate Rich’s openness and honesty, and he will offer different perspectives, which always helps open up my mind. He’s helped us understand the importance of our mindset and, with this awareness, helped many of us grow as people. We’ve built great collaboration across the team, and he helps us think broader.”
Jane Walker
London, UK

“I have gained a whole new perspective on life from working with Rich. Rich has taught me about awareness, not just awareness of myself, my thoughts, beliefs, and actions, but also an understanding of others and where they are on the ladder.

I have a whole new tolerance that I never had before. The learnings are lifelong changes that will stay with me forever, but I know that they need to be worked on and constantly developed and challenged.

Rich is a great coach; he always seems to know the right thing to say at the right moment and encourages me to think differently about what I have said or thought. Rich can challenge me, with complete respect and openness (which you don’t find often), to think differently and to make me aware of how I am listening to my thoughts, not reality. Rich has shared a gift with so many. These learnings could have been kept to himself or excelled in a different business; however, he decided to put his life to this cause and bring so many people on this journey with him. Selfless!

It is easy to work with Rich; he likes to keep things simple, which I like the most. It is simple, so let’s keep it that way. Rich is also a straight talker; he says it how he sees it and immediately makes you feel comfortable to share.”

Clare Molloy
Dublin, Ireland

"There's possibility everywhere!"

Pablo Mizerat
New York, USA

“Rich has been instrumental in my business growth. His guidance and unwavering support have empowered us to achieve remarkable success. He helped me set clear goals, develop effective strategies, and overcome self-doubt. With his coaching and mentoring I implemented actionable steps and witnessed tangible results. Rich inspired me to embrace challenges and persist, fostering a resilient mindset. I am immensely grateful for his coaching, which transformed my vision into a thriving business. I wholeheartedly recommend Rich to anyone seeking exceptional guidance in their entrepreneurial journey.”

“Rich, you are one of the very few people who ask, “How are you?” and mean it. I learned so much from you. Accepting things as they are and having patience. In general, I am a rushed person, and I was expecting the same speed from others; I learned the power of patience, especially when listening.

When I am under stress, I remember your words & guidance. The power of silence/being calm is helping me a lot to solve the issues with better communication. I can solve problems more efficiently and mentally feel more comfortable. We can change only ourselves, not others.

It was awe-inspiring and sincere, especially when you shared your experiences; it was transparent and covered all realities and feelings without a filter. Your self-reflection questions were very beneficial for us.”

Ozlem Helvacioglu
Istanbul, Turkey
“I have seen many other coaches, but you made a real difference; you’ve helped me find my balance, give the proper importance to things that happen in life, and always look for something good in each event. I see my blind spots and try to improve them actively. I now look for the answers inside rather than outside.”
Valeria Venturelli
Milan, Italy
“Rich talks like nobody I’ve ever met. He’s generous, open, vulnerable and lighthearted. Through working with Rich, I’ve gone from a regional leader in my company to leading my division worldwide. I could not have done this without Rich’s calm wisdom. I’ve had many coaches before, but I will be working with Rich for many years to come, and I share my experiences with anyone who wants to really grow.”
Jan Smeets
Berlin, Germany

“It seems that Rich has answers to every question.”

Ivan Guryanov
Moskow, Russia

“It seems that Rich has answers to every question. And it’s never something standard, but they always seem to be correct. Your mind is so clear. You help me understand myself much more deeply.”

“The work I did with you has elevated me to another level of self-awareness and will be with me forever. I now recognize that I was automatic in everything I did! After some time with all the workshops we had, I realized that I started to see why & how & what I react to my actions. This provided me with a new window of looking at things.

Handling situations in more control and understanding people for how they act in the way they do. What I got from you is to get to know myself. My self-awareness was always there but never surfaced. With all I gained from you, I am more conscious of myself and my surroundings. The best part of working with you is that in every session with you, I leave with new ideas and enlightenment.”

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

“Before I met Rich, I was doing already well. I led a group of 250 people and it took a lot from me to be inspiring, make sure they worked as a team, and balance my personal life.

Working with Rich has shown me where the hole in my boat was. I was a pleaser. I was trying to be everything to everybody. Rich has made me into a ten times better leader. I am more precise and have a much better structure in my team. They communicate better, they listen better, and we talk about things openly without insulting anyone. We have more accountability in the group and work much better with other departments.

Before, it was hard to be seen by other departments, but now they see us as a whole and respected partner. We are known as positive options thinkers, as Rich taught us to be. For myself, I am calmer, wiser, more precise and more fulfilled. My wife and kids have noticed, also. My colleagues tell me that I am a much more balanced person. I enjoyed going through this process with Rich, and I never knew it could be done in such a short amount of time!

I see that consistent, constant creation makes me successful and what makes my department successful. Repetition of what we want to achieve. It’s so important, and my 1:1 coaching with Rich helps keep it alive. Thank you so much, Rich, I have become a 10x better leader, and my team is 10x more effective and successful.”

Brussels, Belgium

“Not only did you inspire a change in my attitude, but you also led me to take immediate action for myself. You have the ability  to radiate a sense of purpose and made my mindset in a more positive and dynamic way

You had a way of pushing my own comfort zone towards my own personal determination, drive and belief.

Working with you inspired me to tap into my hidden inner potential; I was able to share your experiences and develop my own. Thank you, Rich, you are an Inspiration.”

Francesco Coppolillo
Johannesburg, South Africa

I developed rapidly while working with Rich and I grew beyond my limits – my personal limits of not willing to speak up, limit to listening with filters, and always had the urge to answer rather than listen. You are in the elite of coaching!!”

Mikolaj Turek
Warsaw, Poland